Leicester Longwool Sheepskin Rug

Leicester Longwool Sheepskin Rug

These are from our own Leicester Longwool sheep and are large, luxurious, with luscious curly locks .

All our sheepskins are tanned in Skye using natural processes which ensure that everything used in that process is ultimately compostable.

Size approx 120cm x 80cm (this is only a guide as each rug will vary depending on the size of the animal)

Due to the nature of the breed, the colour hues of each animal are unique.   Although the colours and texture will be similar to the rug in the picture, the hues on each rug will vary – some are more grey, some have more creams.  If you have a particular request regarding colour, please email us at office@howefarmrarebreeds.com and we’ll be happy to chat through what we have available.

Please follow care instructions below.

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Care Instructions:

  • Giving the rug a good shake from time to time will help restore pile and get rid of any detritus.
  • Blot any spillage immediately with a damp cloth.
  • Do not rub as this will cause the fleece to become matted (or felted), a natural process which cannot be undone.
  • For severe stains, seek advice from a specialist dry cleaner.
  • Don’t brush your curly rug as the luscious curls will become frizzy.
  • We love to cover our benches and chairs with our rugs as they’re fabulous to sit on and to snuggle in.  However a word of caution –  areas of high ‘wear’ (ie where they’re most frequently sat on) will be come matted over time with longer fleeced rugs.   To us, this shows it’s well loved and adds to the charm of the natural product.