About us


It was the search for a different pace of life which led our family to rural Wiltshire from London in 2004.

Nestled in beautiful woodland in a remote corner of the county, Howe Farm has proved a magical place to raise our three children and a menagerie of dogs, llamas, chickens and livestock.

We first fell for the wild and woolly looks of the Leicester Longwool at an agricultural show in 2013.   Prized by hand spinners in Europe and the US, we believed that their beautiful fleece could be woven into gorgeous home textiles.

We know each of our sheep by name and nurture them throughout their lives. We allow them to grow as nature intended, without use of growth stimulants or hormones, grazing on the lush green pastures of our farm.

We believe you will enjoy your purchase all the more knowing that the animals who produce the lustrous fleece are raised with care and sensitivity both for their well-being and for that of the precious environment in which they live.