Sheepskin Rugs V1

Our stunning sheepskin rugs are truly unique.

Producing our beautiful Leicester Longwool and Jacob sheepskin rugs is a two month labour of love.

The process begins here on the farm where we salt the raw skins by hand, repeating the process every day or so for two weeks. With the curing process properly underway, the skins are packaged up and sent to the Isle of Skye for tanning.  Skilled artisans at Skyeskyns Ltd employ ancient and hand crafted processes to transform our raw skins into stunning and luxurious sheepskins.

The tanning process not only produces beautiful results, it’s also kind to the environment.  Using a natural tanning process with mimosa, everything in that process is ultimately compostable and spread back onto Skyeskyns’ croft.

Please note that our sheep aren’t cookie cutter varieties so every sheepskin we produce is truly unique with differing markings and colour hues.  

Due to the small size of our flock, we have a very limited supply so if you find you’ve missed out on the latest rugs, please email and we can advise when our next batch of fleeces will be available.